To be considered for admission, students must successfully complete these minimum high school course requirements. Any college prep courses in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world language can also be used in calculating your Regent Admission Index (RAI) score.

Minimum High School Course Requirements for First-Year Applicants
  If applying to Liberal Arts & sciences, Business, Public Health, or Elementary Education If applying to Engineering If applying to Nursing DIRECT ADMISSION Program
Language Arts
4 years 4 years 4 years
World Languages 2 years in a single language* 2 years in a single language* Minimum second-level proficiency in one world language*
Natural Science 3 years, including courses in physical science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, or physics 3 years; highly recommended to have one year of physics and one year of chemistry 3 years, including one year each of biology, chemistry and physics
Social Studies 3 years 2 years 3 years
Algebra 2 years 2 years 2 years
Geometry 1 year 1 year 1 year
Higher Mathematics 1 year pre-calculus or equivalent

*Liberal arts and sciences students must complete 4 years in a single language to graduate from the university. Business students must complete 4 years in one language or 2 years each in two languages. Engineering students must take 2 years in a single language. Students who have taken the requisite years in high school have fulfilled these requirements. Nursing students must complete 4 years (fourth level proficiency) of the same world language, or two years (second level proficiency) in two different world languages, or two years of the same world language plus additional required coursework.

Course requirements for international applicants from secondary/high schools outside of the US are not strictly counted. It is understood that worldwide curriculums vary widely, so evaluators of non-US transcripts will consider the educational system of each applicant and review holistically.