The Regent Admission Index is used for admission to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences and one of the criteria used for admission to the College of Engineering.

How to Calculate Your RAI:

RAI Formula

(3 x ACT composite score or SAT Equivalent)
(30 x Cumulative GPA)
(5 x Number of years of high school courses completed in the core subject areas)

RAI score


Online RAI Calculator

Let us do the math to Compute Your Unofficial RAI Score.

Which Core Courses Count in the RAI?

Any college-prep course in English, mathematics, science, social studies, and world language can be used in calculating a student’s RAI score. To be considered for admission, students must have taken (or plan to take) at least 15 college-prep courses (full-year) including the following:

  • 4 years of English
  • 3 years of mathematics, including Algebra I, Algebra II, and geometry (Engineering requires a 4th year of mathematics)
  • 3 years of social studies (Engineering requires only 2 years)
  • 2 years of the same world language
  • 3 years of science, including courses in physical science, biology, chemistry, environmental science, and physics.

All other courses in these areas (above and beyond those required for admission), can be used in calculating the RAI. High school counselors can help students and parents determine which courses qualify as “college-prep” or students can call the Office of Admissions.

How to Calculate Your Percentile Rank

To calculate your percentile rank, subtract your position in your high school class from the number of students in that class, divide the resulting number by the number of students in your class, and multiply by 100. The Online RAI Calculator can compute this for you.