"I love the campus community. Hawkeye pride is a big thing here and people are happy to be at the University of Iowa."

Urbandale, IA

Kayleigh fell in love with the University of Iowa because of all the different ways to be involved. "There are so many different student organizations, campus activities, and areas in Iowa City to have new experiences and create memories." The University of Iowa has one of the best Therapeutic Recreation Programs in the country, and there are so many opportunities branching off of that.

"I am Vice President of BIEDA (Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness). I chose to be a part of this club because I believe that all people deserve to accept and care for their bodies. I also want to work in the eating disorder field in the future."

She attended "Mock Shaadi," which is a fake wedding that celebrates South Asian culture. A few student organizations on campus host it yearly. It has allowed her to learn so much about different cultures and meet so many different people. This is an experience that she does not think she would have had anywhere else, and it was so much fun!

Kayleigh loves getting to know her professors. She went to her Rhetoric professor's office hours her freshman year, and she was so supportive and helpful. They still get together and talk now.